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Which Nut is BEST FOR Weight Loss?

One of the trends that have become part and parcel of our modern lifestyles is taking things for granted. Just look around you, there are so many things that play a fundamental role in our lives and we just don’t appreciate them.

Take example of electricity for instance, can you imagine life without it? Absolutely not. Similarly, think about all the communication technology that has webbed us together 24/7.Around 10 years back, our only communication was a phone call. Now, it seems such a distant memory. Technology is so deeply and comprehensively involved in our day to day lives yet we take it as blood in our veins. It keeps us going but we never seem to appreciate its existence.


Now i cannot blame you for feeling a little confused reading this blog which is titled about nuts but is telling you about electricity and communication and the reason is that nuts are also a victim of our for granted behavior. There is hardly any weight loss diet plan that nuts are not part of but they never seem to be in the limelight.

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If ever there is a food that defines a super food, nuts, is it. Small but full of taste, energy, good fats, proteins, fiber and important minerals. You name it and nuts have them. Eat them per se, garnish your deserts with them or cook them in your gravy, you never go wrong with nuts.

This blog is about choosing the best among the better. Though, nuts are full of healthy nutrition but when we talk about nuts in context of getting fitter, we have to take a narrower one dimensional view of nuts in terms of their caloric content.


As they pack a punch, nuts lie quite close to the border separating the good from the bad. Because of high energy content, you always have to be aware about the quantity you are consuming as with nuts, calories add up pretty fast changing their role from a healthy fulfilling snack to a burden on your weight loss efforts.

I have included 5 most common nuts. Can you take a guess!

which one is the best in terms of weight loss?

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If you have chosen cashew nuts, Bravo!

But if it was some other nut, not to worry as now you know and knowledge is power!


Three most important aspects to understand in the table above is

• Amount of nuts

• Caloric content

• Fat content

As you can see, the major contributor of calories in nuts is the fats. Secondly, 1 ounce of nuts usually contains 8-12 nuts so it’s very easy to over consume them without ever realising. This makes it imperative that we should be smart about eating nuts as they can be a very handy snack providing fulfillment, taste and good fats and help us in achieving our goals.


So, understand nuts, choose the healthiest ones, eat in proper proportions and make them one of your weapons to fight obesity!

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